At the CIS U16 and Open football trials CAS has dominated not losing a single game in either the U16s or Opens. The great results lead to strong representation in the CIS teams.

Joseph Calusic Barker College U16
Andrea Esposito Cranbrook School U16
Thomas Milne Knox Grammar School U16
Lucas Van De Scheur Knox Grammar School U16
Dean Efstathiou St Aloysius’ College U16
Jayden Ayad Trinity Grammar School U16
Daniel Padoani Cranbrook School Opens
Jack Mcloughlin Cranbrook School Opens
William Hodgson St Aloysius’ College Opens
Greg Kostoglou Trinity Grammar School Opens
Andrew Di Blasio Waverley College Opens
Liam Gorman Knox Grammar School Opens
Nicholas Boyd Knox Grammar School Opens

Opens Results

Monday 27 May – Day 1
Field 4 (Back grass) Field 2 (main synthetic) Field 3 (2nd synthetic)
3.00pm Boys R1 ISA v AICES CAS v GPS CSSA v NCIS
RESULT 0-0 0-0 5-1
5.10pm Boys R2 GPS v CSSA CAS v AICES ISA v NCIS
RESULT 0-4 2-1 5-1
Tuesday 28 May – Day 2
Field 4 (Back grass) Field 2 (main synthetic) Field 3 (2nd synthetic)
9.40am Boys R3 GPS v NCIS AICES v CSSA CAS v ISA
RESULT 5-1 2-1 2-0
11.50am Boys R4 CAS v NCIS AICES v GPS CSSA v ISA
RESULT 7-1 2-2 0-0
2.00pm Boys R5 CAS v CSSA GPS v ISA AICES v NCIS
RESULT 4-1 1-0 9-0

Game 1 vs GPS (0 – 0) Draw

Game 2 vs AICES (2 – 1) Win Scorers – Nick Boyd, Steve Sohn

Game 3 vs ISA (2 – 0) Win Scorers Jack McLoughlin, Carter Killigrew

Game 4 vs NCIS (7 – 1) Win Scorers Nick Boyd, Leo Kim (x2), Kai Denton, Mario Rebollo (x2), Mo Khamis

Game 5 vs CSSA (4 – 1) Win Steve Sohn, Nick Boyd, Mario Rebollo, Daniel Padoani


CAS U16 vs CSSA 3-0 Win

The CAS boys could not have had a better start of the game , after 2 minutes Lucas Van Der Scheur scored from a solo run. He received the ball on half way and beat three or four players to put CAS 1-0 up.

The CSSA boys had more possession of the ball but didn’t threaten the CAS goal, A well organised CAS defence kept control at all times denying CSSA opportunities on goal. Substitutions were made at half time boosting our team and we went on to have many more scoring opportunities. The final whistle saw CAS win the game comfortably 3-0 with a brilliant team performance.

CAS U16 vs AICES 2-0 Win

A competitive match between two equally matched teams. The AICES started the game strongly dominating possession which produced some good chances. CAS were coming to grips with their 1-4-2-2-2 formation. CAS boys replied after the 1st 10 minutes launching quick and dangerous counterattacks however both teams went into half time locked at 0-0 . Fortunately the 2nd half had a very different outcome. The CAS boys were able to control the quick and technical AICES players and started to dominate the match. As a result Andrea Esposito scored a bomb from just outside the area . AICES did not give up and  pushed hard to get the equaliser but left themselves open in transition CAS took advantage of the space with a perfectly executed counterattack towards the end of the game.

The CAS boys finished the tournament with two wins from two games. They should be congratulated on their performances.