CAS Representative Debating Team Announced

Congratulations to the following Students who have been selected in the CAS Debating teams for 2023

The first training session will be at Trinity Grammar School this Friday 25th August at 4pm until 6pm. Second Training session will be at Barker College Friday 1st Sept @ 4pm.

Coach of 1sts Brendan Winters Coach of 2nds Daniel Walsh and Coach of 3rds and teams Coordinator Mr Robert Barrie


Iris Lee, Barker (c)

Jeremy Davie, Barker

Anna Steele, Barker

Angus Malcolm, Cranbrook (r)



Eamonn O’Loughlin, St Aloysius (c)

Anthony Vassiliadis, Knox

Christian Mossati, St Aloysius

Casper Nicholson, Cranbrook (r)



Justin Qin, Barker (c)

Kevin Hao, Knox

Tom Cameron, Knox

Alex Hong, Cranbrook (r)

Round Date & Time Debates Host Venue Host Coordinator Venue Details
1 Wednesday 6th September
Prep: 5:45pm Debate: 6:30pm
GPS v CAS Newington (TBC) Vatche Ansourian TBC
2 Tuesday 12th September
Prep: 5:45pm Debate: 6:30pm
CAS v CHS Trinity Grammar School Lachlan White /
Founders Building – Summer Hill Campus
The best place for students, staff or parents parking, please enter the car park from Victoria street. Signage from this gate will lead you to the Founders building. Please note there is some construction going on around the school, including the carpark entry
3 Wednesday 13th September
Prep: 5:45pm Debate: 6:30pm
IGSA v CAS James Ruse Agricultural School Justine Clarke (DET) Enter through Fenton Road entrance.






CAS Cross Country Championships Run and Won

In perfect conditions for Cross country running the CAS Cross Country Championships were conducted on Saturday 5th August at Sydney Park.

The results were as follows


1st George Perkins Cranbrook School

2nd Luca Gillard Trinity Grammar School

3rd Huon Groves Cranbrook School

The winning team and winners of the Neil Logan Shield Cranbrook on 15 points, Trinity 2nd on 25 points and 3rd Waverley on 52 points


1st Mathew McLachlan Trinity Grammar School

2nd Kobby Dankwa Trinity Grammar School

3rd Daniel Edwards Barker College

The winning team Trinity 13 points, 2nd Cranbrook 48 points no third place


1st Ewan Rowbotham Waverley College

2nd Patrick McMahon Trinity Grammar School

3rd Sebastian Sentas Trinity Grammar School

The winning team Trinity 18 points, 2nd Cranbrook 26 points 3rd Waverley 62

The winners of the Michael Spratt Cup Trinity Grammar School