Age Limits

CAS Age limits – as of August 2011

Age Groups –

For Rugby, Swimming & Track & Field ( as of 2007 ), the age an athlete is turning in the year of competition is the Age group this athlete is eligible to play / compete for.

ie. If a boy is turning 14 years old on January 15, 2007 – that boy is eligible to compete in the 14 years age group in 2007.

Year groups –

For all other sports – Soccer, Tennis, Cricket, Basketball, boys will be eligible to compete in the Year group they are at their school in the year of competition.


Any boy turning 19 years old or younger in the year of competition is eligible to compete in the Opens age group ( for any sport other than Rugby – no boy may turn 20 years old  ).

Rugby –

Any boy turning 19 in the calendar year may not play in Open’s CAS Rugby competition ( as per General Committee Term 1, 2009 ) due to the ARU directive regarding 2 Year Window. The Open competition is now an Under 18 Competition.

All boys turning 16 and playing in the Opens ( 1st XV ) ) MUST complete a “Senior Rugby / Two Year Window Disclosure Form” and have signed off by parent or guardian, level 2 coach and competition manager.

Any Front Rowers turning 16 and playing 1st XV MUST seek approval from ARU and their medical staff. Please see Sportsmaster for more details.

This is a directive from the Australian Rugby Union.

weigh down / up policy for Rugby

In Rugby, coaches are encouraged but is not compulsory to utilise the weigh-down laws as outlined in the Rugby by-laws.

CIS – 

Please refer to CIS booklet for age limits at CIS representative level.