CAS Cross Country Team For CIS Championships Announced

Congratulations to the following Students who have qualified for the CIS Cross Country Championships.

For all the information on the event click here

George Perkins Cranbrook School
Jack Waide Trinity Grammar School
Joseph Cantlon Trinity Grammar School
Regan Chapman Trinity Grammar School
Melvin To Knox Grammar School
Harry Tsang Cranbrook School
Jonah Hanlon Barker College
Jayden Yiu Knox Grammar School
Luca Gillard Trinity Grammar School
Campbell Groves Waverley College
Harrison Phillips Barker College
Sean Williams Knox Grammar School
Ben Moloney Trinity Grammar School
Alexander Paras St Aloysius’ College
Hugo Morgan Waverley College
James Crowle Waverley College
Ryan Ng Barker College
William Colquhoun Cranbrook School
Huon Groves Cranbrook School
Matthew Radvin Cranbrook School
Julian Kelly Cranbrook School
Callum Forato Cranbrook School
Jeremy Jubb St Aloysius’ College
Kobby Dankwa Trinity Grammar School
Rhys Olson-Keating Trinity Grammar School
Angus Han Barker College
Christian Miletec Waverley College
Peter Dawson Trinity Grammar School
Jax Taylor Cranbrook School
Matthew McLachlan Trinity Grammar School
Joshua Lubke Trinity Grammar School
Harry Davie Cranbrook School
Kobe Stewart Trinity Grammar School
Felix Malcolm Cranbrook School
Oliver Sanbrook Barker College
Michael Sotiropoulos Trinity Grammar School
Blake Richardson Waverley College
Victor Strokin Trinity Grammar School
Hudson Woolford Cranbrook School
Joshua Kiu Knox Grammar School
Cooper Robb Jackson Barker College
Jack Wilkinson Cranbrook School
Henry Roberts Cranbrook School
Hamish Duggan Knox Grammar School
Charles Coutts Cranbrook School
Samuel Oliver Trinity Grammar School
Joshua Peters Waverley College
Daniel Simpson Trinity Grammar School
Samuel Tan Knox Grammar School
Finn Case St Aloysius’ College
Alexander Conoplia St Aloysius’ College
Leif Ingwersen St Aloysius’ College
Oscar Standford St Aloysius’ College
Evan Rowbotham Waverley College
Patrick McMahon Trinity Grammar School
Archie Hetherington Knox Grammar School
Sebastian Sentas Trinity Grammar School
Carson Harvey Barker College
George Cardonnel Cranbrook School
Remy McKay Cranbrook School
Simon Tesvic Cranbrook School
Spencer Rouse Cranbrook School
Louis Withford-Cave Barker College
Lachlan Hopkins Barker College
Leonard Hayes Cranbrook School
Oscar Hayes Barker College
Nathan Jones Trinity Grammar School
Eddy Liu Trinity Grammar School
Liam Masson St Aloysius’ College
Antaw Hugh St Aloysius’ College
Jacob Pitton Trinity Grammar School
Julian Wallace Trinity Grammar School
Mikhail Dusting Trinity Grammar School
Jackson Ng Trinity Grammar School
Samuel Kennedy Trinity Grammar School

CAS Opens and U16s Football Teams Announced

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected in the CAS Opens and U16s Football teams to play at the CIS Championships.


Bodie Denton Barker College
Lachlan Bishop Barker College
Riku Chan Barker College
Nick Bradshaw Barker College
William Poulos Cranbrook School
Nathan Blayney Knox Grammar School
Charlie Hildebrand Knox Grammar School
Zavier Lim Knox Grammar School
Oscar Walker Knox Grammar School
Henry Sekzenian St Aloysius College
Luca Bazdaric Trinity Grammar School
Jeremy Frecker Trinity Grammar School
Reece Mihas Trinity Grammar School
Jett McTavish Waverley College
Jack Crotty Waverley College
Charles Hely-Hammond Waverley College


Angus Till Barker College
Charlie Parsa Barker College
Shannon Selby Cranbrook School
Cillian Gibney Cranbrook School
Max Duncan Knox Grammar School
Dean Hua Knox Grammar School
Monte Peppel Knox Grammar School
Zac Bannister Knox Grammar School
Konnor Gonzales St Aloysius College
Daniel Muoneme St Aloysius College
Matteo Portolesi Trinity Grammar School
George Kotronakis Trinity Grammar School
Taj Wardle Trinity Grammar School
Joshua Falato Trinity Grammar School
Roman Amamoo Waverley College
Carter Kersten Waverley College

Selected players parents will receive an email from CIS that they will need to complete to finalise their nomination.

Training for the Opens Tuesday 23rd May 2023 at Blick Oval, Canterbury at 3:30pm (finish 4.30pm).

Football 1sts Coach         Mr J Gibson Trinity

Football 1sts Manager   Mr B Rollison Cranbrook

Training for the U16s will be at Tuesday 23rd May 4pm at Curagul Fields

Football U16 Coach         Mr B Dalton Knox

Football U16 Manager   Mr J Calleja St Aloysius

The CIS Football selection trials will be held on the following dates

CIS Secondary Opens & 16 Years & Under Boys Football Championships

Mon 29 May 2023 and Tuesday 30 May 2023

Valentine Sports Park, 235-257 Meurants Lane Glenwood ‎2768


For more details on the u16s trials click here Opens click here to go to the CIS website

Cost for players will be as follows

CIS entry fee $26.17 billed to school account

CAS Uniform $57.20 billed to school account

Optional items
Framed team photo $60
For boys in year 11 and 12 a CAS tie $25