CAS 1sts Basketball team has an Undefeated Season

CAS 1sts defeated a fast finishing GPS side last night at SHORE gym to retain the The Peter Yeend Trophy for 2024. CAS came out firing leading 31 to 15 at the end of the 1st quarter. At halftime GPS had reduced the lead to 10 with back to back 3 pointers in the last 10 seconds of the half CAS 53 to GPS 43 . GPS continued the pressure but only closed the gap to 9 points at 3/4 time CAS 72 GPS 63. The 4th quarter both teams fought hard with GPS closing the lead to just 2 points. Final Score CAS winners 94 to 90.

In the 2nds match it took a while for 2nds to get into the match with the team trailing at the end of the first 2 quarters. In the 3rd quarter the CAS team started to fire with 20 points scored in the quarter by CAS against GPS’ 11 to have the score at CAS 52 GPS 47. The 4th quarter the lead was constantly challenged and the score was tied in the last minute. In the last play of the game CAS were able to score and run out winners 64 to 63.

Well done to all the players and coaches for their work in delivering a very successful season.

CAS 1sts 94 def. GPS 1sts 90

  1. Edwards 33, B. Macarthur 16, J Gonzalez 8, G. Markovtzev 8, S. Jakovljevic 8, B. Ansuh-Yeboah 7, S. Hall 7, H. Liubinskas 3, J. Moor 3, E. Marten-Coney 1.


CAS 2nds 64 def. by GPS 2nds 63

  1. Chen 14, J. Single 13, M. Buvac 8, T. Schall 8, L. Clague 6, J. Mendria 6, L. Pain 3, S. Tan 2, F. Busteed 2, J. Sher 2.

CAS Basketball win 1sts but lose 2nds against AICES

In the games last Thursday against AICES CAS 1sts Basketball defeated AICES but lost by just 2 points in 2nds.

CAS 1sts 111 def. AICES 1sts 90

  1. Edwards 24, J. Moor 18, E. Marten-Coney 12, H. Liubinskas 12, J Gonzalez 10, G. Markovtzev 10, B. Macarthur 8, B. Ansuh-Yeboah 8, S. Jakovljevic 5, S. Hall 4.


CAS 2nds 62 def. by AICES 2nds 64

  1. Buvac 11, L. Pain 11, A. Chen 10, J. Mendria 7, T. Schall 9, J. Single 8, L. Clague 4, F. Busteed 4.

CAS Wins first round of Representative Basketball against ISA

CAS have defeated ISA in both 1sts and 2nds Basketball to retain the Fedeles, Van Houten, Gower Cup for 2024.

CAS 1sts 108 def. ISA 1sts 79
J Edwards 21, J Gonzalez 19, E. Marten-Coney 14, H. Liubinskas 12, S. Hall 11, B. Macarthur 8, G. Markovtzev 8, B. Ansuh-Yeboah 7, S. Jakovljevic 3, J. Moor 3, T. Evans 2.


CAS 2nds 78 def. ISA 2nds 50

J Mendria 13, M. Buvac 10, L. Pain 10, F. Haysom 10, L. Clague 10, F. Busteed 7, A. Chen 5, J. Sher 4, T. Schall 4, J. Single 3, S. Tan 2.

CAS Touch Teams Announced

The CAS Touch teams are as follows.

The Opens coaches have picked a squad and the final team selection will occur at the training session at Knox Grammar on Monday 6 May at Knox Grammar School at Gillespie Fields at 430pm

Lachie Algie Waverley College
Raf Asscher Knox Grammar School
Reilly Caswell Knox Grammar School
Hunter Chan Knox Grammar School
Darby Crowley St Aloysius College
Riley Donohoe Waverley College
Daniel Duggan Knox Grammar School
Zeke Edmed Trinity Grammar School
Hugo France Trinity Grammar School
Maxx Heaton Barker College
Henry Mahendran Knox Grammar School
Max Prykiel Knox Grammar School
Austin Sheriff Barker College
Asher Thomasyu Waverley College
Logan Toohey Trinity Grammar School
Alexander Ward Barker College


The U15 team has been finalised and will train on Monday 6 May at Queens Park at 430pm

Shadows are to train with the team

Elijah Wulf Barker College
Andre Byrom Barker College
Randy Ennis Trinity Grammar School
Koa Cooper Trinity Grammar School
Ethan Mullins Trinity Grammar School
Nash Caine Trinity Grammar School
Marcus Hammoud Waverley College
Sunny Steyn Waverley College
Louis Johns Waverley College
Payton Tarau Waverley College
Tristan Madirazza Knox Grammar School
Callum Duffin Knox Grammar School


Anthony Abdo Knox Grammar School
Patrick McMahon Trinity Grammar School



CAS Team Item Cost
CAS Shirt  $   33.00
CAS Shorts  $   24.20
CIS Trials Entry Fee  $   33.04
CAS Tie for Boys in Yrs 11 & 12 (Optional)  $   25.00

The costs will be billed to the students school account

Details of the CIS Championships are

CIS Secondary Boys 15&U and 18&U Touch Football Championships

Fri 10 May 2024 08:30 — 15:30

Penrith Touch Fields, The Kingsway, Werrington NSW 2747


Further Representation – NSWCIS Team


15&U – A NSWCIS Boys Team will be selected to attend the NSW All Schools Championships. There will be a player’s levy and uniform costs involved with competing at this level.

18&U – A NSWCIS Boys Team will be selected to attend the National Youth Championships. There will be a player’s levy and uniform costs involved with competing at this level.

CAS Swimming and Diving Championships Results

Congratulations to Knox Grammar School wining the 93rd CAS Swim Championships in 2024. There was some terrific racing with 10 new CAS records in total and all of these are listed in the records section.

Final placings for 2024 –

1 Knox Grammar School  561
2 Trinity Grammar School  533
3 Cranbrook School 411
4 Barker College 354. 50
5 Waverley College 331
6 St Aloysius College  310. 50

In the Diving Trinity Grammar School have wone the diving with the final placings below

1st Trinity Grammar School 52 points
2nd Knox Grammar School 33 points
3rd Barker College 20 points
4th Waverley College 6 points

CAS Undefeated at the CIS Water Polo Tournament

The CAS Water Polo team were all conquering at the CIS tournament held at Knox Grammar School on Tuesday 5th March.

The match scores were as follows

CAS def ISA – 12-2

CAS def AICES/CSSA – 18-3

CAS def GPS – 9-5

Congratulations to the following boys who were selected in the CIS team

Campbell Warren Knox Grammar School
Taj Young Trinity Grammar School
Ryan Ford Knox Grammar School
Jake Cox Knox Grammar School
Max Bourke-Moore Trinity Grammar School
Ethan Negrin Cranbrook School
Dylan Leupen Knox Grammar School
Lincoln Turner Waverley College

Successful CAS Representative Cricket Season

CAS Cricket teams have won their matches during this years matches against ISA and GPS.

The 1sts team had successful run chases in both matches. The bowling attack performed well against ISA restricting them to 8/231 off 50 overs. The batting then took over and chased down the total in 38 overs for the loss of only 2 wickets with Sam Weir scoring a good hundred and Tom Cullen a fifty on his home pitch.

In the match against GPS 1sts were again put into the field but with humid conditions and with the ball moving in the air and off the pitch the bowing attack were very happy with this and took early witches to have GPS 3/18 in the first 8 overs. The introduction of spin saw immediate results with a run out and wicket in the first over having GOS 5/33.

GPS battled on but were always struggling and were all out for 99. The CAS Batting then took over loosing only 2 wickets in reaching the 100 run target.

CAS 1st XI – 2/100 [30.3 overs] (Tom Bermingham 33 no, Jack Slater 31 no, Sam Weir 20)  def.  GPS 1st XI – 99 [36.2 overs] (Riley Keen 3/22, Sam Weir 2/18)


In the U15s Match the CAS team batted first and scored an imposing target of 261 runs. GPS were in the contest however were only able to manage a total of 222 runs in reply.

CAS U/15 – 261 [49.2 overs] (Sean Twining 75, Finn O’Farrell 43, Xander Carstens 36, Henry Walker 34, Martis Johri 23 no)  def.  GPS U/15 – 7/222 [50 overs] (X. Carstens 2/30, Rehaan Shyamsundar 2/37)

Well done to both of the teams.