CAS Tennis Team to Play ISA and GPS

The CAS tennis team to play ISA and GPS has been selected the team is below

First Surname School
Flynn Covey Barker College
Corey Kavanagh Barker College
Oliver Welch Barker College
Noah Wheen Barker College
Nicholas Bigeni Knox Grammar School
Vishal Ganeshan Knox Grammar School
Pedro Papangelis Knox Grammar School
Jason Xu Knox Grammar School
Jonas Abeleda St Aloysius’ College
Xavier Branagan St Aloysius’ College
James Walbank St Aloysius’ College
James McCabe Trinity Grammar School
Nikita Nikitenko Waverley College
Lachlan Unsworth Waverley College

NSWCIS Water Polo Trials 2019

Knox Grammar was host to the NSWCIS Water Polo Trials for 2019. These trials consisted of representative teams from the AAGPS, AICES, ISA and CAS as well as a Barbarians team made up of the four school associations.

The CAS team had diverse representation with athletes from 5 out of the 6 CAS schools selected to represent the association:

This included:

  1. Patrick Hogan (Knox Grammar)
  2. Tyler Krenkels (Knox Grammar)
  3. Gabe Carmody (Knox Grammar)
  4. Lucas Vass (Barker College)
  5. Flynn Lambrechts (Barker College)
  6. Tyrone Albertyn (Barker College)
  7. Zac Spitznagel (St. Aloysius College)
  8. Billy McGuirk (St. Aloysius College)
  9. Reuben Warner Van Dijk (St. Aloysius College)
  10. Kai Young (Trinity Grammar)
  11. Lucas Young (Trinity Grammar)
  12. Tristan Glanznig (Trinity Grammar)
  13. Nikita Strbac (Waverley College)

Furthermore the following boys from CAS schools were selected into the Barbarians team.

  1. Marcus Spano (St. Aloysius)
  2. Sam Jones (St. Aloysius)

The CAS team started the day well with a strong win against AICES with most players finding the back of the net. Strong performances from Tyrone Albertyn (B) both on defence and offense saw the AICES side struggle to get back into the game.

The 2nd game of the day was against a strong and motivated Barbarians side who had given ISA a lot of grief in the game prior. Unlike the first game, this was a tightly contested battle with the Barbarians scoring a late upset goal to tie the game up 3-3. Valiant efforts from Tristan Glanznig (T) and Tyler Krenkels (K) were not unnoticed. Special mention to Sam Jones (A) and Marcus Spano (A) who both had excellent games against CAS.

ISA was up next, and after the disappointing draw to the Barbarians, the CAS boys were eager to impress.  Strong performances across the whole squad showcased the collective capabilities of the team and resulted in a comfortable win for CAS.

The final game for the day was against a strong AAGPS side. With many of the boys from GPS and CAS playing with and against each other in club water polo competitions, bragging rights were up for grabs. Excellent sharpshooting from Nikita Strbac (W) and Lucas Vass (B) kept the GPS players on their toes. Whilst Kai Young (T) worked hard to control the centre the GPS team recognised his threat and defended him with multiple players, restricting him offensively.

This proved to be a smart tactic as the AAGPS team finished victorious over the CAS team.

Following the final game of the day a squad of 13 and a number of reserves were selected for the NSWCIS U17’s team to compete against NSWCCC and NSWCHS later this year.

The squad included a number of CAS athletes including:

NSWCIS Starters

  • Lucas Vass
  • Kai Young
  • Tristan Glanznig
  • Nikita Strbac

NSWCIS Reserves

  • Patrick Hogan
  • Tyler Krenkels
  • Lucas Young

Congratulations to all of the young men who have made section into the NSWCIS U17 squad and we wish you the best in your journey to All School selection.


Sam Northcott

CAS Water Polo Convenor

CAS U15 Cricket Team to Play GPS U15 Announced

The CAS U15 Cricket side to play GPS has been selected.

CAS U15s will play GPS U15s on Sunday the 3rd of March on Hordern Oval at Cranbrook School starting at 10am.

The team will train on Wed 27th Feb at Hordern Oval at 5pm

The coaches are:

Mr T Ferrero (B)

Mr B Staunton (C)

The Team is:-

Will Shortis                       Knox Grammar School

Trystan Kennedy              Knox Grammar School

Charlie Anderson             Knox Grammar School

Darcy Mooney                  Trinity Grammar School

Emmanuel Grogan           Trinity Grammar School

Tom Wood                          St Aloysius College

Jonothan Hughes             St Aloysius College

Asher Learmonth             Cranbrook School

Ned Patterson                   Cranbrook School

Olli Argent                         Cranbrook School

Nick Hook                         Barker College

Maxim Brooks                  Waverley College

Barker Win T20 Final


Barker College are the Winners of the CAS T20  2018 Competition with the final played on Tuesday 12 February at Barker Oval.  Barker set Waverley an imposing total of 6-139 off their 20 overs. Waverley with a required run rate of 7 runs an over just could not get the target and finished with 8-123.

Well done to both teams.