CAS Win the 1sts Basketball against GPS but go down in Seconds

The following are CAS Basketball results from last night’s games versus GPS at Cranbrook:


CAS 2nds 76 defeated by GPS 86

CAS scorers: Jeremy Pan -Cassin 18, Tom Gleeson 17, Ariik Pech 13, Julian Mendria 11, Gabe Markovtzev 11, Alex Chen 4, Christian Idris 2.


CAS 1sts 78 defeated GPS 64

CAS scorers: Marko Rangan 27, Will Mortimore 14, Kingsley Gyesi-Bisah 11, Tom Evans 8, Jesse Edwards 7, Harry Liubinskas 5, Joaquin Gonzalez 5, Jesse Sher 1.

CAS Win Basketball Against AICES

The following are CAS Basketball results from last night’s games versus AICES at St. Aloysius’ College:


CAS 2nds 89 def. AICES 84

CAS scorers: Christian Idris 19, Jeremy Pan -Cassin 13, Tom Gleeson 12, Marley Henare 12, Ariik Pech 11, Sergej Jakovljevic 9, Alex Chen 7, Gabe Markovtzev 4, Noah Wicks 2.


CAS 1sts 119 def. AICES 50

CAS scorers: Will Mortimore 21, Marko Rangan 20, Jesse Edwards 16, Tom Evans 14, , Lach Pain 12, Lachlan Clague 11, Jesse Sher 10, Harry Liubinskas 9, Kingsley Gyesi-Bisah 6.

CAS 1sts Basketball win against ISA but 2nds go down

CAS 1sts Basketball win against ISA but 2nds go down

The following are CAS Basketball results from last night’s games versus ISA at Oakhill College:


CAS 2nds 74 def. by ISA 80

CAS scorers: Jeremy Pan -Cassin 19, Christian Idris 16, Tom Gleeson 13, Alex Chen 7, Julian Mendria 7, Sergej Jakovljevic 5, Noah Wicks 3, Marley Henare 2, Gabe Markovtzev 2.


CAS 1sts 88 def. ISA 64

CAS scorers: Will Mortimore 22, Marko Rangan 20, Tom Evans 11, Harry Liubinskas 10, Jesse Edwards 9, Kingsley Gyesi-Bisah 5, Lach Pain 5, Lachlan Clague 4, Jesse Sher 2.

CAS Swimming and Diving Championships decided at SOPAC over night

The 92nd CAS Swimming Championships were decided over night at SOPAC.

In the Swimming Knox Grammar won the Thyne Challenge Shield and Trinity Grammar have won the Steven Barnett Shield.

Swimming Points Score

Knox Grammar School 555
Trinity Grammar School 541
Barker College 403
Waverley College 374
Cranbrook School 329
St Aloysius College 298

Diving Point Score

Trinity Grammar School 40
Knox Grammar School 36
Barker College 32
Waverley College 3
St Aloysius College 0

Full results will be placed on the respective sport pages.

CAS Basketball Teams Announced

Congratulations to the following players who have been selected in the CAS 1sts and 2nds Basketball teams.

For full details of matches and training click here

Brian Ansuh-Yeboah Barker College 1
Lachlan Clague Barker College 1
Kingsley Gyesi-Bisah Barker College 1
Jesse Sher Cranbrook School 1
Joaquin Gonzalez St Aloysius’ College 1
Tom Evans St Aloysius’ College 1
Will Mortimore Knox Grammar School 1
Harry Liubinskas Knox Grammar School 1
Lach Pain Knox Grammar School 1
Jesse Edwards Trinity Grammar School 1
Marko Rangan Waverley College 1
Christian Idris Barker College 2
Julian Mendria Barker College 2
Justise Single Cranbrook School 2
Ariik Pech St Aloysius’ College 2
Noah Wicks St Aloysius’ College 2
Jeremy Pan-Cassin Knox Grammar School 2
Alex Chen Knox Grammar School 2
Gabe Markovtzev Knox Grammar School 2
Ollie Smith Trinity Grammar School 2
Tom Gleeson Waverley College 2
Sergej Jakovljevic Waverley College 2
Marley Henare Waverley College 2

CAS team to play ISA in Tennis on Tuesday 7th March

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to play on Tuesday 7th March 2023 @ 9am for CAS v ISA @ Barker College Tennis Courts.

Maxim Berry Cranbrook School
Miles Phijidvijan Knox Grammar School
Chris Goh Knox Grammar School
Harry Greenhalgh St Aloysius’ College
Brian Donnelly St Aloysius’ College
Charlie Farrington Waverley College
Finn Taylor Trinity Grammar School
Jonathan Shao Barker College
Kai Jones Waverley College
Daniel Martin Barker College
James Kim Trinity Grammar School
James Ho St Aloysius’ College

Boys are to bring their School Blazers for the team photo

Team Manger Ms F Nguyen Knox Grammar School