The Associated Schools of NSW



Mr Archer, Headmaster of Trinity Grammar School, made the first attempts to formalise the sporting association between Barker, Cranbrook, St Aloysius and Trinity. Barker and Cranbrook were adamant however, they would be eventually accepted into the AAGPS. The matter was dismissed


Mr N MacNeil, Headmaster of Knox, raised the issue again of forming an association between four of the schools. Realising the possibilities of AAGPS acceptance was remote, the four schools agreed to establish their own association.


Mar -May

Meeting between representatives of Barker, St Aloysius, Knox and Trinity to discuss the idea of forming a formal alliance. Cranbrook reserved their decision to join the association. Articles for the association were drafted and the name, “The Associated Schools of NSW” was agreed upon.



Annual Track and Field Championship held at the Sydney Cricket Ground, between Barker, Knox, Trinity and St Aloysius – First winner of the Challenge Cup for Athletics – Knox Grammar



Cranbrook apply for admission to the Associated Schools. Application accepted.


Rugby competition begins. “The H Plume Shield” donated by Mr D Bobart, D Campbell and W Moodie (old boys of Barker College) for the rugby competition, in memory of the founder of Barker College, Rev Henry Plume. First winner of the Plume Shield – Cranbrook.


Cricket competition begins. “F H Archer Shield” donated by The Old Trinitarians Union donated in honour of the former HM of Trinity, Mr Archer, for his early attempts to establish the CAS. First winners of the Archer Shield – Barker College.


First military camp held – only Knox and Cranbrook attended


First drill competition


Annual Swimming Championship held in 1932 at Manly Municipal Baths – First winner of the Andrew Reid Shield for Swimming – St Aloysius’


CAS Debating competition introduced. First won by Barker College


Waverley College invited to join the Associated Schools of NSW. Invitation accepted


A Brief History of The Associated Schools of NSW

  • The Committee of the Associated Schools of NSW (CAS) was formed in 1929.
  • The ASSOCIATION arose out of a desire to formalise sporting contacts between a number of interested schools (originally Barker College, Cranbrook School, Knox Grammar School, St. Aloysius’ College, and Trinity Grammar School). Waverley College became the sixth Associated School in 1943. The membership has remained stable since that time, though in the late 1990’s the General Committee investigated the possibility of inviting additional schools to become members.
  • Once sporting contacts were formalised, the CAS became a forum for wider consultation between schools on educational issues, generally from the first meeting in 1929 when the Headmasters’ General Committee was formed. While The General Committee initially ratified the Sportsmasters’ Committee work, there was also interest in subjects such as Cadets, Public Examinations, Acts of Parliament relating to Education and the war-time involvement of the Associated Schools in issues of National Security. This form of contact on non-sporting issues later became the business of the Headmasters’ Conference of Australia (HMC – formed in 1931) although frequently questions relating to the place of sport and games in the life of boys’ schools were also discussed at HMC meetings. It is significant to note that in Australia sporting associations such as the CAS, GPS and APS of Victoria pre-dated formal contacts between Headmasters.
  • The General Committee of The Associated Schools of NSW established an Athletics competition in 1931, as well as competitions in major team sports such as Rugby Union, Cricket, and in Swimming. Gradually, as the schools themselves have grown, and the diversity of their communities has increased, other games have been added to CAS competitions, including Tennis, Basketball, Association Football (Soccer), Water Polo and Volleyball. Chess and Debating competitions were also initiated in the early years of the Association.
  • Since 2001 the General Committee of The Associated Schools of NSW has deliberately broadened the range of its interest once again beyond sport, and at each meeting of the Committee, discussion centres on a major area of the life and work of member schools other than sport and games. Academic department heads and pastoral leaders join Headmasters in regular (quarterly) meetings to share programmes and insights, and to encourage collaboration.
  • In 2002 an ecumenical church service was held, commencing a new event in the Association’s life. In some years it is conducted as a Christian leadership forum rather than a service. In 2002 the first of a regular programme of major art exhibitions of student work was also mounted, and joint leadership development activities for both senior and junior leaders and a CAS Cadet Drill competition were inaugurated. A CAS Music Festival was organised in 2004, and is now a regular fixture, as are CAS Drama Festivals, first held in 2005.
  • In 2013 member schools entered the Independent Schools AFL Competition. In 2019 a Premiership Shield for AFL was first awarded.

General Convener’s of the Association have been –

 1934 -1934  Mr K. Stewart Trinity Grammar
 1934 – 1959  Mr S W Seaberg Barker College
 1960 – 1960  Mr A J Hood Knox Grammar
 1960 – 1965  Mr K C H Surridge Trinity Grammar
 1966 – 1988  Mr A A K Gifford Knox Grammar
 1989 – 1990  Mr D N Carlos Trinity Grammar
 1991 – 1995  Mr G A Vanderfield Cranbrook School
 1996 – 1997  Mr K O Dobbs Trinity Grammar
1997 -2016 Mr M Haywood Full-time General Convener
2017 – Mr M Bos Full-time General Convener

From 1997 the Association has employed a full-time General Convener.