Trophies Awarded

Over the years, the Association has introduced trophies for each major sport.

Typically, these trophies commemorate the name of a former Associated School’s Headmaster, or someone who has made a significant contribution to the Association’s life.

It is important to note only 1st teams in the Open age group compete for premierships and the trophies associated with winning the premiership. In the event of  more than one team / school locked on the same total of points at the completion of the season / championship Joint premierships are awarded ( under no circumstances are play-offs to decide the premiership ).

A record of winning teams / schools over the years can be found on this site under each sport.

The trophies awarded in each sport are :


The Andrew Reid Esq Challenge Cup – first awarded in 1929 to Knox Grammar School by Mr Andrew Reid, Managing Director of James Hardy and Co. Mr Reid was a founding member of the Knox Grammar School council and benefactor from 1923 – 1938 and was also a member of the CAS General Committee.

The first Athletics meeting was held at the Sydney Cricket Ground on October 19, 1929


The Thyne Challenge Shield  first awarded in 1932 to St. Aloysius College. The events were held at each individual school swimming carnival.
On March 6, 1933 the five schools convened at Manly Municipal Baths for the Swimming Championships.

“Thyne” was a family name of the Reid’s – as in Thyne-Reid. The swimming trophy was donated by Mrs Reid.


The Associated Schools of New South Wales Rev Fr A.V. Smith Basketball Shield first awarded to Knox Grammar in 1978.

Mr Paul Fedeles ( Barker College ) is also recognised on the CAS v ISA representative trophy for all his efforts as Convener, MIC & Coach of CAS Basketball teams for many years.


The F H Archer Shield, which commemorates the service to the Association of F H Archer Esq., Headmaster of Trinity Grammar School from 1917 to 1922.
In the early 1920’s, Mr Archer attempted to form an Association between Barker, Trinity, Knox and St. Aloysius.


The Henry Plume Shield, commemorating the Founding Headmaster of Barker College (1890-1905) Rev Henry Plume.
The Henry Plume Shield was presented to the CAS by three old boys of Barker College ( Douglas Bobart, Walter Moodie and Donald Campbell  ) in 1930 for the Rugby competition.

FOOTBALL ( Soccer )

The Thomas Grimson OAM Cup first awarded to Barker College in 1990.

The NSW Soccer federation donated the Thomas Grimson AM Cup as a perpetual trophy. Mr Grimson was a life member of the Australian and NSW Soccer Federation. He served the code with distinction and placed great faith in the youth of this country.


The CAS Tennis Trophy is only awarded to the winners of the Summer competition.

The CAS Winter Trophy is only awarded to the winners of the Winter competition.


The Neil Logan – CAS Cross Country Open Champion Team Shield. This shield was first won in 1990 by Knox Grammar and acknowledges the efforts of Mr Neil Logan ( Barker 1989 – 2007 ) towards Cross Country in it’s inaugural years.


The CAS Debating Shield. This competition started in 1932 and a trophy was first awarded in 1991


The CAS Chess Trophy – This competition has been going since 1990.


The Steven Barnett – CAS Diving Shield is awarded to the winning team at the annual CAS Swim & Diving Championships.