Due to injuries and players being unavailable below are the updated lists for the CAS Opens and Under 16s teams

1 ADRIAN BROWN Barker College
2 BILLY POLLARD Barker College
3 WILL KABLAU Knox Grammar School
4 OLLIE HUGHES Knox Grammar School
5 ANGUS PARTINGTON St Aloysius College
6 JORDAN CAMERON Barker College
7 DAN BREDEN Knox Grammar School
8 TOM GRATWICKE Knox Grammar School
9 TAS SMITH Cranbrook School
10 SIONE VUKI Trinity Grammar School
11 OLLIE EVANS Knox Grammar School
12 RONALD VOLKMAN Waverley College
13 SAM RECHNER Knox Grammar School
14 KYLE GALLOWAY Barker College
15 MAX D’AGOSTINO Waverey College
1 MALACHI HAWKES Trinity Grammar School
2 ENRIQUE GROBLER Knox Grammar School
3 DANE WILSON Barker College
4 OLLIE BUCHANAN Trinity Grammar School
5 ALEX RICE Waverley College
6 OLIVER CARROLL Cranbrook School
7 OSCAR CHEAL Knox Grammar School
8 ALEX O’REILLY Cranbrook School
9 KYE WILLOUGHBY Trinity Grammar School
10 DARCY FITZGERALD Knox Grammar School
11 PETER NORTH Cranbrook School
12 SPENCER SPALDING St Aloysius College
13 FLYNN MEAGHER Trinity Grammar School
14 LUCAS VASS Barker College
15 OLLIE GRIFFITHS Knox Grammar School
16 HUGO HAYMAN Cranbrook School
17 OLIVER FERGUSON Waverley College
18 PADDY TAGG Cranbrook School
19 ANGUS ALLEN St Aloysius College
20 DAN STOVOLD Barker College
21 TOM SIDGREAVES St Aloysius College
22 HILTON OVENDEN Barker College
23 AUSTEN YATES St Aloysius College
1 Dion Yazdani Barker College
2 Tyrone Albertyn Barker College
3 Jack Black Knox Grammar School
4 Fritz Jahnke-Tavana Waverley College
5 Clem Halaholo Waverley College
6 Davvy Moale Waverley College
7 Ethan King Waverley College
8 Edward Slack-Smith Barker College
9 Klayton Thorn Waverley College
10 Emmanuel Di Bartolo Waverley College
11 Jack Hickey Waverley College
12 Aaron Dimovitch Waverley College
13 Jack Colbran Barker College
14 Ethan Flanagan Waverley College
15 Luke Tucker Knox Grammar School
16 Tyson Jackson Trinity Grammar School
17 Bertie Alcock Trinity Grammar School
18 Reeve Smith Waverley College
19 Austin Clarke St Aloysius College
20 Aidan Galloway Barker College
21 Alex Elder Waverley College
22 Charlie Herdman Knox Grammar School
23 Hunter Hannaford Trinity Grammar School
24 Asher Wilson Trinity Grammar School
25 Finn Chalmers Barker College