CAS Debating Team Announced

Congratulations  to the following student who have been selected in the CAS debating representative teams, listed in  speaking order:

Kira Trahana, Barker
Dhruv Hariharan, Knox
Luke Cass, St. Aloysius (c)
Hayden Fite, Barker (reserve)
Alessandro Fotea, St. Aloysius
Will Choi, Knox (c)
Rhys Mackintosh, Barker
Ben Imbardelli, Cranbrook (reserve)
Felix O’Brien, St. Aloysius
Sam Druce, Knox (c)
Rowan Gray, Barker
Dan Walsh, St. Aloysius (reserve)
Congratulations to the selected speakers.

CAS Cross Country Merit Team

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected in the CAS Cross Country Merit Team

Dylan  Offord Trinity Grammar School
Ethan Brouw Trinity Grammar School
Lachlan Roughley St Aloysius College
Thomas Virgona Trinity Grammar School
Joshua GRANT Waverley College
Zac Brown Trinity Grammar School

CAS Winter Sport Merit Teams

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak representative teams have not been able to play matches however the CAS felt that the students deserved to be acknowledged for their efforts during the season.

Below are the CAS Merit teams for AFL, Football, Rugby and Volleyball. Boys in years 11 & 12 are allowed to purchase a CAS tie for being selected in a Merit Team. Please see your Sportsmaster to place an order for a tie. Orders close Friday 28th August. Congratulations to all.


FB Ben Lamb Barker Liam McSweeney St Aloysius Dom Goddard Knox
HB Nick O’Bryan Barker Michael Read St Aloysius Will Blackburn Knox
C Byron Middleton Cranbrook Cooper Wright Barker Noah Mitchell Waverley
HF Jenson Raue Barker Campbell Johnson Barker Tobi Renshaw Waverley
FF Liam Puncher Knox Reid McNamara Waverley Kale Gabila Knox
Mid Matthew Uglow Trinity Zach Murphy Waverley James Beasley Cranbrook
Interchange Matt Higgins-Titsha Waverley Sebastian Krimmer St Aloysius Ed Ogilivy Knox
Pat Bolger Knox Pierce Cole St Aloysius


Zachary Fielding Barker College
Joseph Calusic Barker College
Christian Gajic Cranbrook School
Harry Eland Knox Grammar School
Massimo Forlico Knox Grammar School
Cooper Stormonth Knox Grammar School
Jonathan Cole Knox Grammar School
Jordan Segreto Knox Grammar School
Colm Walsh St Aloysius’ College
Dean Efstathiou St Aloysius’ College
Owen Duke Trinity Grammar School
Dimitri Gremos Trinity Grammar School
Patrick Fouracre Trinity Grammar School
Andrew Di Blasio Waverley College


NO. Position Name School
1 Loose head prop REEVE SMITH Waverley College
2 Hooker ROMEO BRAY Knox Grammar School
3 Tight head prop MALACHI HAWKES Trinity Grammar School
4 Lock SEBASTIAN BUCHANAN Trinity Grammar School
5 Lock FRITZ JAHNKE-TAVANA Waverley College
6 Blind side flank DAVVY MOALE Waverley College
7 Open side flank MITCH WHEALS Barker College
8 No 8 DAN STOVOLD Barker College
9 Halfback KY WILLOUGHBY Trinity Grammar School
10 Fly half KYLE BOWEN Barker College
11 Left wing WILL CLUNIES-ROSS Cranbrook School
12 Inside centre TOM WOOD St Aloysius’ College
13 Outside centre JORDAN SWANN Waverley College
14 Right wing LUKE TUCKER Knox Grammar School
15 Fullback RONALD VOLKMAN Waverley College
16 Hooker NOSA OBASEKI Cranbrook School
17 Loose head prop TYSON JACKSON Trinity Grammar School
18 Tight head prop DION YAZDANI Barker College
19 Lock CLEM HALAHOLO Waverley College
20 Lock LACHLAN HOOPER Barker College
21 Backrow WILL BAKER Waverley College
22 Halfback TOM GODDARD Knox Grammar School
23 Fly half TOM MORRISON Knox Grammar School
24 Inside back FLYNN MEAGHER Trinity Grammar School
25 Outside back JAMES CONSTABLE Knox Grammar School


Ross Mackay Barker College
Ethan Joseph Barker College
James Theophile Cranbrook school
Henry Baildon Cranbrook School
Thomas Mountstephens Knox Grammar School
James Jiang Knox Grammar School
Joseph Wallace St Aloysius College
Jack Corrigan St Aloysius College
James Kern Trinity Grammar School
Ben Powell Trinity Grammar School
Oscar Van Hal Trinity Grammar School
Sam Vickery Trinity Grammar School
Steven Yarad Trinity Grammar School
James Tsavaras Waverley College
Saem Goffe Waverley College

CAS Tennis Team to Play GPS

The following student were selected in the CAS tennis team that was to play GPS

1 James McCabe Trinity Grammar School
2 Noah Wheen Barker College
3 Nicholas Bigeni Knox Grammar School
4 Xavier Branagan St Aloysius’ College
5 Vishal Ganeshan Knox Grammar School
6 Jonas Abeleda St Aloysius Collge
7 Aston Bloom Knox Grammar School
8 Leo Phijidvijan Knox Grammar School
9 Owen Ng Barker College
10 David Windybank Barker College
11 Nick Fiani Cranbrook School
12 Dylan Guler Trinity Grammar School
Res Lachlan Unsworth Waverley College
Res Robert Fiani Cranbrook School

CAS Sporting Competition Announcement

In the light of the current developments with respect to public health and safety in the context of COVID-19, the CAS Heads has resolved to cancel CAS fixtures and interschool games until May 31.

CAS members schools will not be participating in trial fixtures or competitions against other associations until after that time.


The CAS Heads will continue to monitor the situation as further public advice is received and will meet early in term two to review developments.


We regret the disappointment that this necessary decision may cause our communities.


Phillip Heath

Chair, CAS

17 March 2020

Knox Win the The Thyne Challenge Shield

Knox Grammar School Successfully retained the Thyne Challenge Shield  for the 4th year in a row. Eight  records were broken on the night and a full list of results can be found by clicking here


1    Knox Grammar School                                   Knox Grammar School                                   560
2    Trinity Grammar                                             Trinity Grammar                                            529
3    Barker College                                                 Barker College                                                424
4    Waverley College                                            Waverley College                                            343
5    St. Aloysius’ College                                        St. Aloysius’ College                                        339
6    Cranbrook School                                           Cranbrook School                                           302

CAS Basketball Teams Announced

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected in the CAS Basketball for the 2020 Representative Season.

1sts Josh Pain Knox Grammar School
1sts Mitch Smith Knox Grammar School
1sts Adam Thoma Knox Grammar School
1sts Michael Yoong Knox Grammar School
1sts Luke Nichol Trinity Grammar School
1sts Earvin Dizon Trinity Grammar School
1sts Tom Buvac Trinity Grammar School
1sts Bailey Chambers Trinity Grammar School
1sts Theo Kidd Trinity Grammar School
1sts Ryan Abbott Waverley College
2nds Jack Mortimer Barker College
2nds James Theophile Cranbrook School
2nds Kiran Siva Cranbrook School
2nds Fynn Graham-Nye Cranbrook School
2nds Will Rapley Knox Grammar School
2nds Keanu Goehring Knox Grammar School
2nds Harry Evans St Aloysius’ College
2nds Sebastian Krimmer St Aloysius’ College
2nds Deonte Williams Trinity Grammar School
2nds Christian Diaz Waverley College
2nds Eoin Morrissey Waverley College
2nds Tom McMahon Waverley College