Congratulations to the following boys for being selected in the CAS 1sts and 2nds Basketball teams.

First Surname School
1sts Ben Nogajski Barker College
1sts Brannagh Walsh Barker College
1sts Matt Steel Knox Grammar School
1sts Campbell Green Knox Grammar School
1sts Jack Puncher Knox Grammar School
1sts Joshua Pain Knox Grammar School
1sts Michael Yoong Knox Grammar School
1sts Tyrese Proctor Trinity Grammar School
1sts Ryan Abbott Waverley College
1sts Marcus Frith St Aloysius College
2nds Ryan Nemec Cranbrook School
2nds Joshua Harrison Cranbrook School
2nds Joey Hoover Barker College
2nds Charlie Fortin Barker College
2nds Lachlan Arnot Barker College
2nds Xavier Pereira Knox Grammar School
2nds Backlund Ash Waverley College
2nds Kyle Goulding Waverley College
2nds Dion Hatziandreou Waverley College
2nds Connor Simos St Aloysius College
res Christian Diaz Waverley College
res Sam Kember St Aloysius College

For details of training time and matches click here