GPS/CAS Cross Country Fixtures 2021

Date Host Venue Status Start Time
20/03/21  Saturday Internal Internal Internal 9:00am
27/03/21  Saturday Waverley & St Aloysius


North Ryde Common 1. Trial 1


School Holidays (incl Easter Holiday)
24/04/21  Saturday Sydney Boys High Ash Paddock, Centennial Park 2. Trial 2


01/05/21  Saturday Newington North Ryde Common 3. Comp 1

Must be under

19 yrs old today

08/05/21  Saturday Scots UpJohn Park 4. Comp 2 9:00am
15/05/21  Saturday Knox

GPS and CAS Selection Trial for CIS

GPS Selection Trial 1   for GPS v CAS race

St Ives Showground 5. Comp 3 9:00am
22/05/21  Saturday Kings

GPS  Selection Trial      for CIS (backup date)

GPS Selection Trial 2   for GPS v CAS race

Kings School 6. Comp 4 9:00am
29/05/21  Saturday Barker

GPS Selection Trial 3   for GPS v CAS race

North Ryde Common 7. Comp 5 9:00am
05/06/21  Saturday Cranbrook



North Ryde Common

8.  Trial 3


10/06/19  Thursday        CIS Eastern Creek Alternate  
12/06/21  Saturday                                              No Sport Weekend
                                                                                           School Holidays


15/07/21  Friday. (TBA) NSW All Schools Eastern Creek Alternate
17/07/21  Saturday Trinity Relay Ewen Park at Tennent Pde, Hurlstone Park 9.  Trial 4 9:00am
24/07/21  Saturday Shore  GPS v CAS Long Reef 10. Comp 6 9:00am
31/07/21  Saturday  

CAS Championship


    North Ryde Common 11. Comp 7 9:00am
Cross Country Nationals 21-24 Aug 2020 in Adelaide, South Australia