In 2022 students have 2 opportunities for representation in Volleyball.

CAS will select an Opens Volleyball team to play an Opens GPS Volleyball team. This match will take place on 23 June and will be hosted by GPS at Newington College at 4:30pm.

A trial squad for this match will be announced on the CAS website on  10 June.

Training and final selection from the squad will be Thursday 16 June Venue Trinity Grammar School at 4pm and Tues June 21 for the final team at Knox Grammar School from 4pm.

Volleyball Manager Mr A Gintowt St Aloysius’ College
Volleyball Assistant Coach Mr B Wheen Trinity Grammar School
Volleyball Coach Mr A Walker Knox Grammar School

The second opportunity to play higher honours for Volleyball is through the CIS pathway. This is by individual nomination through your school’s Sportsmaster.

Nominations close on 6th April these nominations need to be completed by your Sportsmaster.

Details about the trial can be found by clicking here

Representative Matches Results

Since 2019 CAS have played GPS in a Winter Volleyball Representative match.

The results of these matches is as follows

2019 CAS win 3-2
2020 No Match due to COVID
2021 GPS win 3-2
2022 GPS win 3-2