The CAS Winter Tennis season is played over 10 weekends of term 2 and term 3 of the school calendar.  2018 will see the start of a new type of graded competition for CAS tennis. This will consist of both singles and doubles tennis.

The competition will be as follows:-

Division 1 & 2 (3 hours) = 8 players per division
3 x 1 shortened set of singles for each player
First to 6 games (5-5 = normal tie break)
Sudden death deuce

Division 3-20 (2 hours) = 16 players per division
3 x FAST 4 TENNIS matches
Sudden Death deuce
No lets on a serve

– Divisions put in standard & not by age group. Players selected from: Open 1st -4th, Yr 10A-D, 9 A-D, Yr 8A-D, Yr 7A-D if your school has that many teams/ boys to select from. If your school doesn’t the other schools will fill the gaps where necessary.
This competition is designed to help boys have a chance of playing boys from other age groups of a similar standard.

– Schools nominate boys for divisions.

– 2 weeks of trials on Saturday 5th & 12th May 2018 to ensure, that we have put the boys in the correct division.

– After the trials will be a chance for the coaches from each school to move players into the appropriate division before the actual competition starts. (If you move a player up a player from your school must move down)

School & individual points scoring:

– Each weekend the boys will get 3 matches of tennis. In division 1 a normal tie break set and a FAST 4 TENNIS format in divisions 2-27. All divisions will play a sudden death deuce to help speed up matches.

– Each match win a player gets, will gain a point for their school in that particular division. (Possible 3 points per player each week)
– Also at each session the coach must total each player’s number of wins and number of games won (could come down to games if a draw at the end of season)
– Tie break counts as a 1 game, for example scores written: 6-5 (in Div 1)/ 4-3 (Div 2-27)
– If a player is injured or sick that weekend, the school MUST try & replace that player from another division if possible.
– If there is a no show or no replacement, obviously that player will not gain any points for his school that weekend. The opponent will gain a point for the forfeit match. Where possible the convener looking after that division will give a practice match.
– If a match is in progress and is washed out or run out of time, the player that is 1 or more service  break ahead will get the win. If it is on serve or a draw each player will receive half a point (0.5).
– Players with the most points at the end of singles season will win the division individually for their school.
– Once the singles & doubles seasons are complete. The total scores will be added up from all divisions then divided by the number of divisions entered by the school. This will give CAS the Winter 2018 winner.
– In each division: 1st place= 7 points
2nd place= 3 points
3rd place= 1 point

– Doubles will run for 3 weekends (all divisions’ normal tiebreak sets) with again each win the pair will get a point for their school.
– The boys will choose their partner from their school from either the same division, 1 above or 1 division below.
-The School then nominates what division they would like the pair in within reason. At the end of the singles season, we will look at the points the pair got combined and work out the correct division for the boys to play in. I will send to all MICs to make sure everyone is happy with the divisions.
– 8x pairs in each division.
– If no show for your school, there will obviously be forfeit for the doubles matches as per the rule in CAS Summer Competition.

5th May
12th May

19th May
26th May
2nd June
16th June
23rd June

28th July
4th Aug
11th Aug