The CIS U17 Water Polo trials will take place at Knox on Mon Feb 24th 2020 for more details Click Here

The team is

  1. Daniel Chivers, Goalkeeper. Knox Grammar School
  2. Tyrone Albertyn, Centre Forward. Barker College.
  3. Tom Rathbone, Centre Forward. Trinity Grammar School.
  4. Gabe Carmody, Left handed driver. Knox Grammar School.
  5. Lucas Banfield, Left handed driver. Knox Grammar School.
  6. Aiden O’Neill, Centre Back. Knox Grammar School.
  7. Tristan Glanznig, Centre Back. Trinity Grammar School.
  8. Tyler Krenkels. Right handed driver, Knox Grammar School.
  9. Harrison Miller, Right handed driver. Knox Grammar School
  10. Alexander Mercer. Right handed driver. Knox Grammar School.
  11. Lucas Young. Right handed driver. Trinity Grammar School.
  12. Marcus Spano. Right handed driver. St Aloysius’ College.
  13. Jake Varone. Right handed driver. Trinity Grammar School.

Shadow Players

Rhys Williams – Reserve Goalkeeper. Trinity Grammar School.
Jett Robens – Reserve Centre Forward. Knox Grammar School
Hunter Myliotis – Reserve Driver. Trinity Grammar School
David Gabriel – Reserve Centre Back. Trinity Grammar School
Liam Murphy – Reserve Left handed Driver. St Aloysius” College

Boys selected in the 2018 CIS Waterpolo team (L_R) Lucas Vass (B) Nikita Strbac (W) Rory O’Shea (A) Nick Trobec (K) Jacob Gadiel (T) Tom Mateffy (A) absent

Players are required to follow the link that has been emailed to them by CIS and register on the CIS website by the day prior to the trials or they will not be able to trial.