CAS Convener – Mr M. Lang ( Trinity )

The CAS Diving season comprises 3 Invitationals in term 4, then another 3 Invitationals in term 1 of the school calendar.

The CAS Diving Championships are held on same date as CAS Swimming Championships ( 2nd Thursday in March ) at Homebush Bay. There are 3 age groups Junior, Intermediate and Seniors. All age groups are awarded pionts based on final placings of individuals resulting in an overall winner of the Steven Barnett Shield.

A CAS team is also selected to trial for CIS team based on performances at the CAS Championships. See Sportsmaster or MIC for more details on these selections.

Placings 2018

5th        St Aloysius’ College                 0 pts

4th        Waverley College                    3 pts

3rd        Knox Grammar School            16 pts

2nd       Barker College                         43 pts

1st        Trinity Grammar School          49 pts