CAS Basketball Winners Against AICES

CAS won both the 1st’s and 2nd’s representative basketball matches against AICES held at Trinity Grammar School on 22/3/18.

1st’s lead at every quarter to finish 92 to 76. Lachlan Bofinger was the top scorer with 17 points with Campbell Green adding 14.

2nd’s also played well winning 79 to 48. There were only 2 points in the game at half time but CAS finished strong. with Jonah Faigen top scoring with 14 points and Kyle Goulding with 10.

With games against ISA and GPS still to come both teams have started well in the representative round robin.


Knox Win the CAS Swimming

Knox Grammar has successfully defended the Thyne Challenge Shield with some outstanding records for their swimmers. In all Knox set 12 new CAS records on the night with Trinity swimmers setting 3. A full break down of the results and records can be fund on the swimming results page.

CAS Chess Premiership goes down to the wire

Competition leaders Knox entered the week half a point ahead of Cup holders Trinity, however they dropped a board to Waverley. They then had a very nervous wait of over half an hour to find out the result of the Trinity v St Aloysius match as Trinity were in contention to take out first place. Trinity  were up 10-0 when an exquisitely executed Watson Manoeuvre by Rory O’Shea won a point for St Aloysius delivering the competition to Knox.

Well done to all Schools for a close and exciting Competition.

For the final ladder click here

Gary Molloy

CAS Chess Convener

CIS Cricket and Waterpolo Representatives Selected

Congratulations to the following boys who have been selected in the CIS Cricket team to play in the NSW All Schools Open Boys Cricket Championships in March

Lachlan Fisher Barker College
Lachlan Lloyd Barker College
Sebastian Buchannan Trinity Grammar School

Congratulations to the following boys who have been selected in the CIS U17 Waterpolo team to play at the NSW All Schools Boys 17 & Under Water Polo Championships in March

Tom Mateffy St Aloysius’ College
Rory O’shea St Aloysius’ College
Nicolas Trobec Knox Grammar School
Jacob Gadiel Trinity Grammar School
Nikita Strbac Waverley College
Lucas Vass Barker College

CAS Cricket Team for 2018 Named

Please see below the CAS team for the 2018 ISA fixture. The team is listed in alphabetical order.

Dan Alleyn (Barker)

Sebastian Buchanan (Trinity)

Ryan Connolly (Waverley)

Alex Ferrara (Waverley)

Lachlan Fisher (Barker)

Max Glover (Knox)

Jack Hardwicke-Owen (Waverley)

Lachie Lloyd (Barker)

Ryan McCoy (Barker)

Vasi MacMillan (Trinity)

Fion Parker (Cranbrook)

Bradley Uglow (Trinity)

Ed Smith (St Aloysius)

CAS Waterpolo Gala Day 14th Oct 2017

CAS will be running our Waterpolo Gala day on Saturday the 14th of October at Knox for Open Grade & U/16’s. This will be the first of a two part process to select the CAS U17 (2018) team that will be competing at CIS selections.


All opens players are eligible to play in these games however only players born 2001 or later (02, 03 etc) are eligible to be selected in the CAS/CIS teams.


The day will run in a similar way to last year, with each CAS team playing each other once, however due to time restrictions there will be no North Harbour vs South Harbour game.


The following point scale will be used to determine a winner for the Gala Day:

Win = 3 points

Draw = 1 point

Loss = 0 points


In the case of a draw between two teams, the team that won in the head-head match between the two will be crowned winner. In the case where there is no clear winner, a joint winner will be announced.


Each game will have 2x 7.5 minute halves, with a 2.5 min warm up period and a 2.5 min break at half time = 20 min per game window.


BLUE CAP on the draw is to provide two persons for timekeeping and scoring at the table.

Pool 1 will host all open grade games and Pool 2 will host the U/16’s. The draw will be the same for both pools.


Pool 1 & 2 – Open Grade & U/16
Game Start Game Finish Round Blue Cap White Cap
9:00:00 AM 9:20:00 AM 1 Knox Barker
9:20:00 AM 9:40:00 AM   Cranbrook St Aloys
9:40:00 AM 10:00:00 AM   Waverley Trinity
10:00:00 AM 10:20:00 AM 2 St Aloys Knox
10:20:00 AM 10:40:00 AM   Barker Waverley
10:40:00 AM 11:00:00 AM   Trinity Cranbrook
11:00:00 AM 11:20:00 AM 3 Barker St Aloys
11:20:00 AM 11:40:00 AM   Trinity Knox
11:40:00 AM 12:00:00 PM   Waverley Cranbrook
12:00:00 PM 12:20:00 PM 4 St Aloys Trinity
12:20:00 PM 12:40:00 PM   Knox Waverley
12:40:00 PM 1:00:00 PM   Cranbrook Barker
1:00:00 PM 1:20:00 PM 5 St Aloys Waverley
1:20:00 PM 1:40:00 PM   Knox Cranbrook
1:40:00 PM 2:00:00 PM   Trinity Barker

Athletics Invitational SOPAC 9/9/17 Results

Joeys and Knox Invitational Carnival at SOPAC 9 September 2017: Legend:
St. Aloysius (A) Trinity (T) Barker (B) Sydney Grammer (G) Shore (E) Joeys (J) Knox (Kn) Riverview (I) Scots (S)

OPEN 100m: J Schoff 10.97 (G)B Hollingworth (T) T Lindstrom (S) 200m: B Ryan 22.00 (S) T Lindstrom (S) L Shortis (J) 400m: B Fitton 49.26 (Kn) L Raper (I) T Ross (I) 800m: E Metcalf 1.57.33 (G) T Virgona (T) L Cunningham (T) 1500m: B Bishop 4.09.86 (T) K Walsh (A) C Fleming (S) 3000m: C Doherty 8.55 (I) G Stone – Heesh (I) J Freer (S) 110m Hurdles: L Shortis 15.09 (J) J Robinson (E) O Haase (S) Long Jump: J Ellis 6.11 (Kn) T Ross 6.07 (I) L Hamilton 6.05 (J) High Jump: A Lau 1.80 (G) F McDonough 1.80 (A) D Reynolds 1.70 (Kn) J Robinson 1.70 (E) Discus: N Frost 47.39 (Kn) A Williamson 37.42 (B) L Baston 37.03 (B) Javelin F van Weeks 46.75 (B) S Buchanan 43.31 (T) F Gorsuch 42.21 (B) Shot: N Jansen 14.18 (J) N Frost (Kn) T Leslie (S) 4x100m relay: (Kn) 43.1 (I) (J)

U 17 100m: S Moir 10.85 (T) N Van Beek (I) J Langfield (J) 200m: L Clabburn 22.40 (Kn) M Dutaillis (I) T Mackenzie-Wood (E) 400m:T Glascott 52.25 (I) L Scolari (J) J Rainnie (J) 800m: C Fleming 2.0.51 (S) L Hui (T) Z Marhall (I) 1500m: N Musa 4.23.4 (B) Z Marshall (I) L Hinds (B) 110m Hurdles: J Kloster 15.16 (S) R Barkley (I) J Lee (S) Long Jump: L Calvin 6.65 (T) B Zhang 6.00 (G) C Griffith 5.95 (T) High Jump: C Burgess-Hoar 1.93 (S) L Kennedy (J) G Gover (I) Javelin F Gorsich 46.89 (B) Z Ienco 44.13 (T) Shot: L Antoinette 13.43 (Kn) A Savian (S) M Cowdery (B) Discus: L Antoinette 41.32 (Kn) A Williamson (B) B Nogajski (B) 4x100m relay:(I) 43.68 (J) (E)

U16 100m: G Clark 11.34 (I) G Johnson. (J) D Wan (G) 200m: D Rasmussen 23.15 (A) G Clark (I) J Mossman (S) 400m: J McFadden 51.97 (A) G Clark (I) B Robinson (I) 800m: F Scott 1.59.63 (A) A Thomson (Kn) T Mac Donnell (A) 1500m: T MacDonnell 4.31.54 (A) O Mulhearn (I) CJ O’Callaghan (A) 100m Hurdles: B Pollack 15.07 (A) J McFadden (A) F Veeneklaas (G) Long Jump: A Clark 6.07m (T) C Perl (S) J Schoff (G) High Jump: C Pert 1.85 (S) T Kidd 1.80 (T) & G Gardiner (B) Shot: T. Shannon 13.75 (Kn) B Nogayski (B) J McFadden (A) Javelin H Weymoth 54.42 (B) M Little 42.90 (B) S O’Connor 42.64 (T) 4x100m relay:(A)45.00 (J) (I)

U15 100m: C Simos 11.31 (A) A Buchanan (T) J Ricci (S) 200m: L Dalton 23.15 (I) C Simos (A) C Ojah (Kn) 400m: M Holmes 53.65 (I) J Ricci (S) J Constable (Kn) 800m: M Madgwick 2.06.05 (E) H Braithwaite (S) L Francis (E) 1500m: C Cannon 4.20.26 (J) L Francis (E) T Christian (T)100m Hurdles: L Dalton (I) 14.08 M Hemsworth (B) C Barr (Kn) Long Jump: J Reid 5.82m (B) L Kim (A) T Osborne (Kn) High Jump: L Burnett 1.85 (J) H Clifton 1.74 (Kn) S Nicol 1.71 (Kn) Javelin S Buchanan 45.76 (T) J Birmingham 43.43 (T) J Inwood 41.84 (A) Discus: M Michael 52.57 (B) M Perry (B) S Downie (B) Shot: M Michael 14.90 (B) R Moore (E) L Chamen (Kn) 4x100m relay: (T) 45.46 (A) (I)

U14 100m: G Wood 11.44 (I) J Park (T) T Scott (S) 200m: G Wood 23.70 (I) S Atkinson (E) A Wilson (T) 400m: H Welch 56.57 (B) J Buchanan (Kn) H Alston (J) 800m: S Reeves 2.10.38 (Kn) L Jeffriess (G) N Pattinson (A) 1500m: F Rogers 4.41.66 (I) Y Swan (S) J McMahon (S) 100m Hurdles:T Kidd 13.82 (T) A Moloney (J) A Thomas (A) Long Jump: D Bradshaw 5.70 (B) A Moloney 5.51 (J) A Thomas 5.18 (A) High Jump: T Kidd 1.90 (T) J Haste 1.68 (B) T Bower 1.65 (B) Javelin M Lucas 43.23 (B) W Irish 42.58 (B) S Downie 42.10 (B) Shot: T.Shannon 15.13 (Kn) N Lake (Kn) M Purcell (Kn) 4x100m relay: (I) 46.70 (T) (Kn)

U13 100m: D Bradshaw 11.05 (B) J Cheung (J) H Murray (E) 200m: H Murray 25.14 (E) J Cheung (J) D Cattana (T) 400m: W Hopper 55.1(I) 800m: W Constable 2.13.77 (Kn) R Wylie (G) W Hopper (I) 1500m: T Dorahy 4.42.59 (B) E Page (B) C Cleary (T) 90m Hurdles: E Quintana 13.5 (J) B MacNamara (Kn) J Kotis (S) Long Jump: H Murray 5.06 (E) F McGregor (Kn) M Park High Jump: J Hendrie 1.61 (S) H Worrell 1.58 (J) & D Costello (S) 1.58 Shot: M Zihlman 12.27 (B) D Bradshaw 12.16 (B) J Biet 11.91 (B) Discus: J Greaves 40.45 (T) M Zhilmann 35.77 (B) J Harkin 27.33 (A) Javelin: R Kai 34.86 (T) H Jack 33.11 (T) D Curtis 31.14 (B) 4x100m relay: (J) 49.55 (B) (Kn)