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Representative Teams

Selections / Dates / Results / Draw below for 2016/17 season

North v South Trial – Saturday 4th February 2017 @ Barker (Result – match won by North Harbour)

CAS v ISA – Sunday 26th February 2017 @ St Pius (Result – match washed out)

Team for CAS at the NSW Schoolboys Carnival

M. Dedes (T), M Jenkins (W), Q Cheng (B), T Edmed (T), L Scott (T), W Giacometti (B)

 F Stenmark (C), L Lloyd (B), S Marais (B), B Uglow (T), T Lee (B), T Anderson (K),
B Donaldson (W), V Macmillan (T)

NSW Schoolboy Representative Week – 6th to 10th March in Sydney (Note – this carnival occurs between Rounds 9 and 10 of the CAS season)

In 2013/14 the CAS Headmasters agreed to award the CAS Representative player of the week a medal named in honour of Mr John Boyd ( Waverley College ).

All winners of the John Boyd medal will be listed  below –

2013/14 – Hamish Denning ( K )

2014/15 – Liam Windel ( B )

2015/16 – George Furrer ( B )

2016/17 – Quentin Cheng ( B )